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Weaver Top-Mount Scope Base #55 Gloss

Product nr.: 612634
Manufacturer: Weaver
Manufacturer product no.: 48055
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Each Weaver base is machined to the tightest tolerances for a custom fit. They are designed to fight the effects of recoil with a square-cut notch that precisely mates to the sturdy cross bolt in every Weaver detachable ring.

Technical Information

Material: Aluminum

Style: Weaver

  • High Standard High Power (Rear)
  • Interarms Mark X (Rear)
  • Mauser Models Swedish 96 & Mark X
  • Mossberg Models 680, 695 & 800
  • Sears 51L (Rear)
  • Smith & Wesson Mauser actions with small receiver rings (Rear)
  • Springfield 03 (Front)
  • Western Field Models 770 (Rear), & 775 & 780 (Front & Rear)

  • Mounting Hardware Included.

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