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Lyman 3-Die Set 44-40 WCF

Product nr.: 738033
Manufacturer: Lyman
Manufacturer product no.: 7460495

Straight wall rifle cases require these three die sets consisting of a full length sizing die with decapping stem, a two step neck expanding (M) die and a bullet seating die. Ideal for loading cast bullets due to the inclusion of the neck expanding die. Shellholder sold separately.

Technical Information

Material: Steel

Die Types Included:
  • Full Length Sizing Die (with one-piece decapping unit)
  • 2-Step Neck Expander Die
  • Bullet Seating Die (with roll crimp)

  • Plastic Storage Case

  • M-Die expands the case neck to just under bullet diameter for precise neck tension in first step. Second step flares case mouth to bullet diameter or slightly over for proper seating.
  • Shellholder not included.

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