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Formax Satin-Glo Greaseless Buffing and Polishing Compound 120 Grit 3 lb

Product nr.: 714758
Manufacturer: Formax
Manufacturer product no.: 515-6004

Use for burring, polishing, trimming, blending, breaking edges and removing machine marks, pits and surface imperfections. Excellent for cleaning rusty surfaces and as a polish prior to metal finishing. The descriptive word "greaseless" is applied to this type of polishing compound because it is made completely free of grease, oil or wax. The formulations are composed of abrasive grits blended into a mixture of glue and water, which serves as the adhesive binder. The work surface is left clean and dry requiring no cleaning.

Technical Information

Material: Semi-Solid Compound

Container:Packaged in plastic bag by volume, weight is approximate

  • When applied to a revolving polishing wheel frictional heat softens the compond, transferring a coating to the wheel face. This coating dries immediately, forming a flexable and resilent abrasive cutting surface.
  • Can create brushed finishes or used for deburring, polishing, trimming, blending and breaking edges.
  • Compound is made completely free of any tallows, oils or waxes. Buffed work is left clean and dry.
  • Instructions for use printed on bag
  • Must be stored in a cool, dry place.
  • Product is perishable and has a limited shelf life once opened.

  • 80 to 240 grit compound is red color, 320 to 600 grit is black color

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